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Here you can find explosion drawings and manuals for any HiKOKI product. Simply enter the article number or product name you are looking for and get access to all the relevant documentation:          

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The following terms and conditions are considered to have been agreed prior to the use of this site.

The instruction manuals on this site may be updated from time to time without notice, and may differ from those attached to the products bought by you or those for the product currently being sold. The instruction manuals may also differ from country to country because of different applicable laws and regulations, different specifications including power voltage, and so on.

Please keep in mind that the instruction manuals on this site are supplementary and for your reference only. Warnings or cautions contained in the instruction manuals on this site are in accordance with the applicable laws or standards of the industry effective at the time when these instruction manuals were prepared.

Sometimes, materials other than the instruction manual are attached with the product. However, these materials are not available on this site. As not all the instruction manuals are stored, your requested instruction manual may not be available on this site.

Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. is the sole holder of the copyright covering instruction manuals. Unless approved otherwise by Koki Holdings, the copying, reproduction, distribution, modification or publication of instruction manuals in full or in part is strictly prohibited. However, the reproduction of a single copy for private use only is permitted in exceptional circumstances. Please be aware that instructions manuals may not be available on this website for products where production has been discontinued.

If you cannot find the instruction manual you need on this website, please contact the store you purchased the product from, or Koki Holding’s retail stores/service centres.  This site is subject to change at any time without notice.

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