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The new SDS-Plus Cordless Rotary Hammers DH18DPC and DH36DPE from HiKOKI easily take on hard materials. At the same time, they are among the lightest and most compact tools in their class with integrated, high-performance cyclone dust extraction with HEPA filter.

Full battery power ahead


Powerful and efficient, the new Cordless Rotary Hammers DH36DPE and DH18DPC support users in performing demanding tasks on the construction site. Their brushless and thus practically maintenance-free motors enable constant working and make them the fastest hammers in their class. The 36-volt model DH36DPE is another addition to HiKOKI's multi volt family. It is also available in a set with multi volt batteries and charger. Combined with the ultra-light HEPA extraction system, the rotary hammers are multifunctional and allow the user to work dust-free.

Clean and safe

The highlight is the cyclone extraction system – equipped with a HEPA filter. This filter is easily accessible, can be easily removed and cleaned. "The dust extraction system is only 223 millimetres high and thus more compact than those from competitors. Nevertheless, it can collect larger amounts of dust. It is also uncomplicated and quick to set up," emphasises Julian Sauter, Product Manager at HiKOKI Europe. The DH36DPE and DH18DPC are equipped with the industry's first cyclone dust extraction system that separates dust by centrifugal force – even when the user is working overhead. Thanks to this system, less dust reaches the filter, making it less likely to clog and maintaining high suction power. As a result, despite the motorless design, it reaches a high dust extraction performance - more than 99.97 per cent.

Excellent suction power

"The system is highly efficient and has a large collection bin for the extracted dust." This pays off. That is because, compared to other rotary hammers in their class, the DH18DPC and DH36DPE drill up to twice as many holes in the same period of time with very good suction power. Compared to the competition, both rotary hammers stand out due to their speed. In the drilling application they are up to 42 per cent, in the chisel application up to 130 per cent faster than other tools in their class.

Protects users from injury

The cordless rotary hammers offer even more advantages for user safety. They are equipped with so-called Reactive Force Control (RFC). It stops the motor if the drill suddenly gets stuck in the material. Possible injuries caused by a sudden twisting of the machine are thus avoided.

Easy on the wrists

The 36-volt model is also equipped with User Vibration Protection (UVP). It reduces vibrations on the user's hands and wrists during operation by up to 25 per cent compared to models without this feature. This allows users to work longer without getting tired and it prevents excessive exposure to vibration.

Devices think intelligently

The auto-stop function is a very special HiKOKI innovation. The tools remember the time needed to drill the first hole. Subsequently, each hole is drilled over exactly the same time and the tool switches off in time. To do this, the user only has to press the auto-stop button once. This makes drilling a series of holes in concrete, for example, much easier.

Controlled drilling

With the soft-start function, the user can drill into sensitive surfaces such as tiles in a very controlled manner. Another advantage is the two-stage rotation speed. It makes it easier for the user when drilling into delicate materials. The rotation speed and impact rate can be reduced at the touch of a button. HiKOKI's wide range of drill bits offers the user the right accessories for every application and every material.

So, when it has to be efficient and comfortable, the new cordless rotary hammers from HiKOKI are the right choice.

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