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  • Hook and loop sanding sheets for random orbital sanders
  • White aluminum oxide abrasive with calcium stearate coating on latex paper
  • Double urea resin bonding ensures durability
  • The calcium stearate coating offers longevity and gloss, reduces premature clogging and has a cooling effect when sanding varnish
  • Ideal for sanding paints and lacquers of all types, filler compounds, varnish or roughcast as well as automotive applications

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Red sanding paper for wood, For sanding all types of wood, construction board, hardwood, chipboard and metal, Hikoki offers a wide range of red sanding paper. Hikoki red sanding paper is made out of heavy-duty paper, coated with high quality resin bonded aluminium oxide grit. The grit is closed coated style, with a phenolic resin binder, with very good heat resistance properties that gives enhanced grain retention and abrasive wear, flexibility, tensile strength and stability., This coating-style helps reducing the possibility of dust clogging on the abrasive, and therefore maintains high material removal rate. The evenly spread grit ensures a consistent depth of roughness across the abrasive. Result is a clean sanding finish, less reworking and, therefore, a considerable time-saving. Good results are especially achieved on untreated wood and metal. For soft materials including paint and varnish, we recommend the white sanding paper., , White sanding paper for paint, Especially for removing paints, lacquers, varnish or roughcast, Hikoki offers a professional range of white sanding paper. Constructed with white aluminium oxide abrasive grain plus calcium stearate anti-clogging coating on latex paper backing bonded together using double urea resin., The use of white aluminium oxide provides a good sharp cutting performance and, when coated with calcium stearate, achieves a good life of this product coupled with a good surface finish. The calcium stearate coating is used as a lubricant to provide good gloss, reduces premature clogging and has a cooling effect when sanding varnish., The use of punched holes in the product, when used with a dust extraction system, enables an efficient removal of dust, paint or varnish particles from the work surface., The use of urea resin contributes to the longer life of this product due to its good stability when exposed to heat generated through the abrasion process and provides the opportunity to maintain the white abrasive finish. Ideal for automotive applications., • for sanding of paints and lacquers of all types, and filler compounds, • a wide range of sizes available with Velcro or glued backing, • high-quality sanding paper, • long life time, • high material removal rate thanks to the special calcium stearate coating, , Black sanding paper for stone, For sanding applications on glass and stone Hikoki offers delta 94 sheets with silicon carbide abrasive grain. This grain has the highest hardness among conventional abrasive material. For this reason, it is suitable to be used on non-ferrous metals, marble, glass and plastics. It is next to that very widely used by Corian® kitchen top producers to grind and finish the internal edge., , Non-woven delta sheets, So-called Tex materials are nylon fibres which are combined into a 3D web structure. Using a thermo-setting synthetic resin the grit is anchored. This type of sanding material does not affect the geometrical shape of a particular work piece., • Adapt extremely easy to the work piece’s shape, • For a wide variety of applications such as cleaning, matting, remove rust, light deburring on non-ferrous metals
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