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752044 SABER SAW BLADE RCM40B/No. 342 (3 PCS)

752044 SABER SAW BLADE RCM40B/No. 342 (3 PCS)
  • Optimized for heavy-duty applications in steel and stainless steel
  • Aggressive curved blade design - special radius optimizes the blade’s angle of attack for faster cutting in a variety of metals

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Total length
200 mm
Usefull length
178,5 mm
0,9 mm
19 mm
Shank type
1/2'' Inch
Teething material
Toothing pitch
Application list
Stainless steel, Metal, PVC
Curved shape
Type of cut
Rough straight cut
Fast cut
Package quantity
Minimum order quantity
Highly specialized application, Hikoki Power Tools has developed a number of unique reciprocating saw blades for specific applications. You can find these specific details on the packaging., Flexible, Types 752012 and 752022 provide the desired flexibility for use in confined spaces., Progressor, The special cutting teeth setting of types 752018, 752024 and 752033 enable extremely fast and ‘shatter proof’ cutting., Gritted, Type 752039 offers a grinding type of saw blade, specifically suited for working, glass and sewer pipes., Suited for the more common brands of electrical reciprocating saws, Hikoki saw blades are made for operating with the universal 1/2” fixing mechanism. This makes them suitable for use with a wide range of brands of saw. Suitability for different brands is shown on the packaging.
Inox = The special teeth confi guration allows the curved blades to cut stainless steel without a problem. The blade with TC strip is well suited for thin stainless profi les and sheets., Metal = Bi-Metal saw blades for cutting normal steel- and non-ferrous metals., The 2x2 teeth setting is optimized for heavy-duty applications and thick work pieces., Wood + Metal = Saw blades with bigger Bi-Metal teeth enable fast cutting of wood containing non-hardened screws and nails. Use specifi cally for wood with steel elements or hardened nails the (HM) carbide tipped blades., Wood = For wood cutting applications, the coarse pitch and ground teeth give, optimal results. , Masonry = Carbide tipped blades for cutting red brick, porous concrete and fiber cement boards., Special = To encounter specifi c saw applications, this range offers blades varying from cutting cast iron, ice/ frozen meat and plaster through isolation, materials, cardboard and carpets.
JAN/EAN code
8 717 574 003 512
The actual product may differ from the picture. Please note the product description, technical data and scope of delivery.
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