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HiKOKI's AC Brushless Motor technology.

Smart. Durable. Powerful.

A HiKOKI technical advancement. After pioneering the use of brushless motors in cordless tools, we have now applied their benefits to electric corded tools with astonishing results. Take advantage of a compact and lightweight range of tools with really heavy duty power. With fewer moving parts in the motor, the tool is not only lighter and more compact, but power output is also significantly greater.

Longer lifetime, less maintenance.

HiKOKI brushless AC motors deliver greater durability and longer
life, even under heavy use. By eliminating carbon brushes, the risk
of armature burn-out caused by the commutator wearing out from
short-circuiting is also eliminated. The silicone-coated electronic
circuit board is additionally protected against dust.

Because brushless motors run cooler, a stable performance is ensured.
HiKOKI hammers are not affected by temperature or
altitude or when there is a voltage drop from using long extension
cords. Equipped with a highly efficient inverter circuit, HiKOKI AC
brushless motors are compatible with engine generators that don’t
have an onboard inverter.

HiKOKI’s brushless motor compared to a conventional motor.

Power tools with a brushless motor are lighter and more compact, due to the elimination
of some major wear and tear parts. This also contributes to less maintenance and it significantly
extends the lifetime of the tool.

For instance, if you compare the motors of the WR16SE brushless impact wrench and the
WR16SA brushed impact wrench, it is 31 millimeter shorter and 340 grams lighter!

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