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The safety & health of the professional is something we take very seriously at HiKOKI. On this page, you'll find accurate and user-friendly information for everyone concerned with the effects of vibration on power tool users. It also includes information about the new Power Tools range of low vibration power tools. We call this range, UVP, or User Vibration Protection. UVP again demonstrates Power Tool's commitment to innovation and technology for user comfort and protection combined with maximum performance. If you have any questions, please get in touch using our contact form.

For an overview of all the technologies that contribute to our machines being the safest and most reliable power tools on the market, take a look at our Technologies page.


An Introduction to the Legislation

The European Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive 2002/44/EC took effect from July 2005 and has been implemented as law across all EU member states. The directive seeks to protect workers from the harmful effects of vibration by placing a duty of care on employers to minimise the risk.

How is vibration exposure measured?

Vibration exposure is measured in terms of acceleration. The unit of acceleration is m/s2. The measurement must be tri-axial and should be calculated according to standard EN60745 for electric power tools. All power tools have a measured vibration value and once known, this value can be converted into trigger-time to allow the worker to calculate how long the tool should be used for.

For example, the new DH40MEY low vibration rotary hammer has a measured tri-axial vibration of 8.3 m/s2. This tool can be used continuously for 2 hours and 54 minutes to reach the exposure limit value (ELV) of 5.0 m/s2(8) . Note this time is known as 'trigger-time' and represents the total use time for the tool not including stoppages. You should add any stoppages to this time such as lunch breaks or non-tool work and preparation to calculate the maximum job time for using the tool.

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