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HiKOKI MULTI VOLT. Endless freedom.


Shaping the future of construction

MULTI VOLT is the smartest 36V battery system yet. It combines the best heavy duty power tools with our most powerful batteries and accessories for your constantly high performance.

A result of technological engineering that will let you complete even the toughest jobs as easy and efficient as possible.

Unrivalled cordless power.

The MULTI VOLT batteries, paired with MULTI VOLT 36V tools, offer unrivalled cordless power ranging from 1080 W to 1440 W, depending on which battery you use.

HiKOKI BSL36A18 with a 1,080 W power output.
HiKOKI BSL36B18 with a 1,440 W power output.

Want to know all the technical details?

One battery that powers over one hundred tools.

Our innovative MULTI VOLT battery powers a wide range of cordless indoor and outdoor power tools. Moreover, this battery is compatible with both 36V and 18V power tools, and it’s even backwards compatible with your Hitachi power tool(s). Now you are able to cut, grind, drill, mow, blow, chop, and trim with the same power as corded power tools, but with the ultimate freedom of working wherever you want.

The HiKOKI MULTI VOLT power tool circle

Designed to make your job as comfortable as possible.

The 36V battery packs have more power than the 18V battery packs, but size and weight remain almost the same.

So this gives you more power, without adding extra weight.

Man is working on a wall with a HiKOKI power tool.

Reinventing power and durability.

Every component in the MULTI VOLT battery has been thoroughly developed. This includes the highly innovative design of the lithium ion core structure, which is at the heart of this generation of high power output. All without causing any stress or heat on components of the power tool. Using our Rapid Smart fan cooling charging system, batteries will last significantly longer.

Closer look on all components of the MULTI VOLT battery.

Accessories to get the most out of your power tools.

four-port charger UC18YTSL for all 14.4V, 18V and 36V MULTI VOLT batteries.

Multi Port Charger UC18YTSL

Charge up to four batteries at once.

This four-port charger for all 14.4V, 18V and 36V MULTI VOLT batteries can charge four batteries simultaneously, regardless of the number and the capacity of the batteries.

The charger has a convenient power strip with an AC outlet, which can be used as an extension cord. You can even continue your  work by connecting a corded tool. This functionality is unique on the market.

With two integrated USB ports, this charger also functions as a power supply for USB devices, such as your smartphone.

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HiKOKI Rapid Charger can charge battries within just 32 minutes (BSL36A18)

Universal Rapid Charger UC18YSL3

Up-and-running again in just 32 minutes.

With the HiKOKI Rapid Charger you can now charge your battery within just 32 minutes (BSL36A18). The intelligent cooling system keeps your battery from overheating, thus extending its lifetime.

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ET36A AC corded adapter allows multiple combinations.

Plug in for endless power. The ET36A corded adapter.

Cordless or corded. You decide.

ET36A AC adapter for the HiKOKI MULTI VOLT cordless power tools

Sometimes your high workload demands an unlimited runtime of your power tools. Our new ET36A AC adapter allows your MULTI VOLT cordless power tools to go on for as long as you want. Low battery? Just switch to the adapter and experience the freedom of endless power.

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