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Technical specifications and details.

Increased voltage results in unprecedented cordless power.

By increasing the voltage, the amount of heat generation with 36V would be similar to an 18V battery, due to the same amount of current. Current is the direct cause of heating and if the motor gets hot, the protection systems stops the power tools automatically. Therefore, we have doubled the voltage. As a result, we can get double output power with the same current as an 18V battery, without heating up.

To achieve 'AC power, DC freedom', which is our MULTI VOLT concept, HiKOKI wanted the battery to be the same size as an 18V battery, but with a power output of more than 1000 W. We therefore used a new generation of cells to reach 36V. We have also developed a battery interface, which can be used for 18V power tool users as well.

The advantages of having a higher voltage (36V / 18V).

Higher voltage enables less heat and better efficiency while keeping the option for more power. A high current value causes overheating.

Significantly prolonged continuous operation time.

Increasing the voltage of the Li-Ion battery from 18V to 36V results in a slower temperature rise of the motor. Even when working continuously, the 36V MULTI VOLT power tools are less likely to overheat and so decrease power or even stop.

High output cells.

More power. Same size and weight.

The BSL36A18 and the existing 18V battery (BSL1850) have almost the same size and weight.

High output and high capacity.

This entirely new generation of high power, high capacity 21700 Li-ion cell structure is all about setting new standards for the next generation cordless system.

Compact and lightweight.

The MULTI VOLT BSL36A18 has about the same power output and capacity as
the 36V battery BSL3626, but its size and weight is practically equal to
the existing 18V battery BSL1850.

Smart cells automatically switch between 36V and 18V.

The MULTI VOLT battery consists of two 18V battery packs.
This makes it possible to switch between 36V and 18V.

Always the right power output.

The auto switching terminal in our MULTI VOLT batteries immediatly detects the voltage
required by the connected power tool. In an instant, it will automatically redirect the current
through its cells providing the power tool with the right output, either 36V or 18V.

Keeping your batteries cool.

While charging, our Rapid Charger cools all slide type batteries over 14.4V,  including the MULTI VOLT battery.The cooling system extends the life of your battery.

This air cooling system for charger and battery was developed when HiKOKI launched the Nickel Hydrogen (Ni-MH) battery in early 2000. Decades of experience preceded the developmemt of this sytem.

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