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Our brand story.

In 1948, we started developing and producing power tools in Japan as Hitachi Power Tools. Back then, construction was hard work. Over seven decades later, it is still physically tough – a characteristic we cannot change. But every single day we do our very best to improve the performance of the professional.



It’s all about creating a more ergonomic design, better balance, optimal control and maximum reliability. About giving the professional the ultimate freedom, flexibility and power on site. It’s also the convenience of doing business with us. Professionals can rely on our employees and suppliers and our high service level. We build  trust and strong relationships with our end users. But most importantly it’s about knowing the needs of the professional, and confidence in being able to get the job done as easily as possible.

"We act globally, while remaining rooted in our Japanese tradition."

We do things smartly and with great passion. We bring outstanding engineering know-how, cutting edge technologies and technical perfection and dedication to all what we do. Over the years, our knowledge and experience have enabled us to develop ground-breaking technologies based on leading-edge engineering. Our innovations have resulted in award-winning revolutionary products. Today, we focus increasingly on improving working conditions so that construction workers don’t have to worry about the hazards and risks of their profession. Our aim is to contribute to a world where working in construction will ultimately be safer, healthier and less physically demanding.

It’s our belief that innovation never stops. We make each power tool development  better in every single way. Smart engineering means higher power and a longer lifetime for faster operations, less maintenance and greater comfort. Our aim is to continually improve the performance of those working in construction and make building sites safer and healthier. Today and tomorrow.

We are Driven by Technology.

The story behind our logo.

We have hidden "1" in our logo. Why? Because we’re constantly aiming to be customers' 1st choice. We strive to be the best in every respect: to deliver the best quality power tools and the best service so you can achieve top performance whatever you are doing or wherever you need to do it. "Koki" is the Japanese term for tool. The prefix "Hi" stands for high quality and thus the quality standards of our brand, our products’ highly innovative technology and the high reliability users can benefit from.

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